Success Story


Our success story lies within methodology of work, professional team and effective management. When any software development or support project is outsourced to us, our team of experts helps the customer to understand the technology and get understands the customers need thoroughly to achieve the goal. During all the development process we constantly cooperate with our customers at real time in order to achieve successful completion. Our development team consists of highly experienced and skilled software professionals. Every day we are working to make our customers happy with speed of development and quality of products.

The main our priorities are:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Effective project management;
  • Delivery on time;
  • Risk sharing;
  • Accomplishment of a project within its budget;
  • Maintain long term business relationship.

NEW SOFT knows that the key to success when it comes to offshore and nearshore outsourcing software development is clear, well-timed and accurate communication, professional management, high quality and strategic partnership. We are well-known on software outsourcing market and proud of our great reputation. Since 2007 we successfully developed more than 700 projects in different areas using different IT skills and know-how’s. Software produced by new soft is used Palestine, KSA and USA by more than 40,000 employees.