Who we are

Newsoft for programming and Information Technology was founded in 2005 by a group of elite Developers and engineers who have extensive experience in the field of software and electronics based on high accumulation of scientific knowledge aiming at providing the public and private sectors with better systems and electronic solutions.

New Soft has dedicated all efforts to provide complementary and ideal solutions in an innovative, distinguished and excellent way .Besides, New Soft programs are also distinguished for its flexibility and complete simplicity in dealing with clients from all various sectors.

Accordingly, we provide our clients with outstanding serious distinguished technical software in supplying them with the best of software to provide the ideal solutions that suit the nature and standards of their works and always consider that a priority. Accordingly, we follow the best software and electronics and we are careful to provide everything new.

Our services, after sale, are distinguished for immediate response to our clients’ needs and readiness to follow up with technical support for systems by specialized team.

The company has an extensive technology and programming experience, high-quality database of relevance applications that are available anytime and anywhere. As well as, the company has a high level expertise in systems development. Because the company’s technology capabilities are far-reaching, integrating and disparate information systems in creative ways, including service oriented architectures and loosely-coupled techniques, is company’s potency and vigor.

We create extremely flexible web-based solutions that are quick to develop, robust and remain highly scalable. For our consumers and clients, this means a decreased upfront cost and a much longer lifespan for the developed solutions.


New Soft has been looking forward to be of high reputation in terms of developing systems design and implementing innovative technological knowledge and be competitive and able of promoting community technology, and has a vision through which every person has the ability to access the most appropriate form of information sources, as well as providing appropriate technological environment for the institutions through using the best systems.


New Soft for programming and information technology seeks to achieve quality, efficiency and professionalism in all programs, regulations and provide a better service to customers at the local level and internationally as well, and contributing to the advancement and development of the country by providing the latest labor market programs, regulations and training a cadre who is highly efficient and qualified to reach satisfactorily competitive standards.


Innovation in the analysis, design and development.
Development of workers experiences through training, education, and encouraging their creativity and self-reliance in the search for the best.
Study and analyze market trends and potential competition in the development and make recommendations in this regard.
Examine the needs of local and international markets, and the possibility of providing better and broader regulations.

Our Team